Reliability deserves a mention all its on its own. It’s important to turn up for a shoot or show on time, properly prepared for work, and carrying everything you’ll need. Part of reliability is honesty. People tend to talk to each other, and the truth tends to surface all to easily.

We all understand if you can’t make it because of something bad that’s happened, but one girl seemed to have had five grandfathers, all of whom either died or were rushed to hospital on the day of one shoot or another.Another girl destroyed her entire reputation for reliability by cancelling two shoots at the last minute with different photographers on consecutive days giving inconsistent excuses to do with college exams and then even having the audacity to turn up on MSN Messenger at the times she was supposedly unavailable.

This brings me to what I consider the most important and valuable modelling skill of all: intelligence. There’s nothing more attractive in a person than a burning intelligence, even better if combined with creativity, and if great good looks are part of the package too then that’s fantastic.