IKR Branding


Each model is a direct presentation of IKR Agency, your manner and behaviour reflects not only on you but on the company as a whole.


Standards that are expected from each IKRMODEL, these are simple points that are set in our contract with you and are not up for discussion. Failure to comply will be in direct violation of your legal contract with IKR and will lead to the termination of that contract.

We are a company that represents beauty, style,  sophistication and class, to the highest standard, we seek to maintain and protect these values with pride and expect the same of our models.

Must and Mustn’t : IKR modelling agency


  • Respect yourself, your teammates, clients and patrons at all times
  • Be present at all meeting or casting unless your absence has been arrange 3 days prior
  • Conduct herself in a mature and lady like manner
  • Always remember to bring your business cards to network events.
  • Think before you speak or act, remember to try and maintain a high level standard of self-worth by acting and speaking decently
  • Refrain from using obscene language


  • Work for any other companies unless authorized by a IKR manager
  • Abandon agency before expiration date of contract
  • Smoke in public
  • Use/access cellphones/ipad or any gadgets during casting or special events