Eat every 3-4 hours

  • Do not wait until you are starving, as you will be more likely to over-eat.
  • This has been documented extensively and there is substantial evidence to support that eating before your system crashes, keeps your metabolism working, your body burning calories and your mind more alert.
  • You can think of your metabolism like a fire; if you keep it stoked, it keeps burning. If you let it die down, it gets cold and stops burning calories and fat.
  • Now, this doesn’t mean you eat a full meal every three hours, it means you eat three meals a day with two mini meals or snacks in-between.
  • A snack or a mini meal should be about 100-200 calories and it should contain some protein. Which again helps the food to stay with you longer and prevents the insulin drop that can come from just eating carbs by themselves.

Good ideas for snacks are:

  • Apples have lots of fibre and are a low-calorie fruit. Have with some almonds- (8-12 almonds is a serving size – not 20) Carrots with hummus or low fat cheese and a few high quality crackers. Small energy bars – careful it’s not a 400-calorie bar (if it’s not a meal). Detour or Luna bars are good. Low fat yogurt-with some fruit-and/or almonds.
  • These snacks are all portable and you can bring them from home so you won’t have to rely on others providing food that’s OK for you to eat. And it diminishes the chances of you getting so hungry you either bonk and then let’s face it-you don’t take good pictures in this state-or attacking the lunch buffet when it’s finally time to eat
  • This ties in nicely with the next ideal nutrition tip: Dessert or no dessert?