Nutrition Facts



Eating disorder?

First of all, you do not have to have an eating disorder to have a model body.

There is so much information out there about how and what to eat. It’s hard to know what to follow, and what will help you to get the physique (in a healthy and sustainable way) that is required for modelling.

You have to be smart about what you eat, and you need to be active, but you can achieve the look you want, in a healthy way. In fact you can do better, if you eat smart. In all of the ‘diet‘ literature, what should you listen to? There are a few fundamentals that are important to understand. Honestly, maintaining an ideal body type is not rocket science. Follow these guidelines, get your eating on track and train your body to burn fuel efficiently. I will show you how to have energy and a hot body.




And I don’t mean a muffin. You cannot expect of fuel yourself properly if you have a carb and fat filled muffin that is going to wear off in 45 mins, leaving you hungry, and craving more carbs. The rule of thumb is that you must have protein with every meal. Protein not only speeds up metabolism, it slows down digestion of food and prolongs the energy your body can take from food.

Also, the more carbs (especially simple carbs-like white bread) you have in the morning, the more your body will crave similar foods for the whole day. Ever wonder why you crave that pastry later in the day if you had a bagel or muffin in the morning? Or why you’re hungry two hours after eating french toast with tons of syrup? It’s because you ate too many carbs, without pairing them with protein.Eating carbs by themselves is like a sugar bomb to your body.

Your body reacts with an insulin spike and you feel great-but then it crashes-and so does your Energy. Having protein with your carbs eliminates the spike so you will be full longer, your metabolism will stay stoked and you’ll eat better throughout the day.

Complex Carbs


Complex Carbs

Yes, I know this sounds like something from health class, but its true. Have bread or a wrap or spaghetti, but make sure it is whole grain – either whole wheat or from another grain like kamut.

It is actually good to eat these types of carbs because they fill you up and keep you satisfied. Not to mention they contain fibre which keeps you regular – which is also good for your digestion and your profile.Some of these pastas even contain substantial amounts of protein. Kamut pasta has nine (9) grams of protein per ½ cup – that’s a lot!

Portion size


Portion size

This is super important, and often one people fool themselves about.Did you know one bagel is equivalent to 4 slices of bread? And that people usually finish what is on their plate? In fact a study was conducted in the United States where chefs added 50% more food to the customers’ plates – without them knowing of course – and the customers ate 43% more, just because it was there. And these are American style portions – which are huge.

So how much do you put on your plate?

  • A serving size is related to your body size.
  • An appropriate serving of lean protein (fish or chicken, steak etc) is the size of the palm of your hand. And yes steak is very good if you pick a lean cut.
  • In summary, ¼ of your plate should be protein.
  • A proper serving size of carbs is about ½ cup, Which is the size of ½ tennis ball. So not a whole plate of spaghetti… ¼ of your plate again.
  • And again, these are complex carbs, like brown rice, grains or whole-wheat pasta.
  • For fruits and veggies, go crazy. They can take up ½ your plate. These are all relatively low in calories, have lots of vitamins, nutrients and fibre, and a lot of their bulk is water.
  • Do be aware of serving sizes for tropical fruits as they do contain a lot of sugar (i.e. Pineapple, mango, bananas), and also be aware of dried fruit as it is high in sugar and it’s really easy to eat a ¼ of raisins which translates to a lot of grapes! And you’d be more satisfied if you ate the grapes.



Eat every 3-4 hours

  • Do not wait until you are starving, as you will be more likely to over-eat.
  • This has been documented extensively and there is substantial evidence to support that eating before your system crashes, keeps your metabolism working, your body burning calories and your mind more alert.
  • You can think of your metabolism like a fire; if you keep it stoked, it keeps burning. If you let it die down, it gets cold and stops burning calories and fat.
  • Now, this doesn’t mean you eat a full meal every three hours, it means you eat three meals a day with two mini meals or snacks in-between.
  • A snack or a mini meal should be about 100-200 calories and it should contain some protein. Which again helps the food to stay with you longer and prevents the insulin drop that can come from just eating carbs by themselves.

Good ideas for snacks are:

  • Apples have lots of fibre and are a low-calorie fruit. Have with some almonds- (8-12 almonds is a serving size – not 20) Carrots with hummus or low fat cheese and a few high quality crackers. Small energy bars – careful it’s not a 400-calorie bar (if it’s not a meal). Detour or Luna bars are good. Low fat yogurt-with some fruit-and/or almonds.
  • These snacks are all portable and you can bring them from home so you won’t have to rely on others providing food that’s OK for you to eat. And it diminishes the chances of you getting so hungry you either bonk and then let’s face it-you don’t take good pictures in this state-or attacking the lunch buffet when it’s finally time to eat
  • This ties in nicely with the next ideal nutrition tip: Dessert or no dessert?

The 90/10 rule

Follow the 90/10 rule

Follow the 90/10 rule

Most models have a sweet tooth, and we all know what happens if we deny our sweet tooth for too long – when we finally indulge, we over-indulge. You can avoid the over-indulging by working reward foods into your daily eating regime.The 90/10 rule means 90% of your diet is comprised of healthy or non-treat foods and the other 10% should be something that is very satisfying to you, like dessert!

Good tips for dessert include:

  • Have dessert soon after a meal when you’ll be more full and less tempted to overeat.
  • Choose plain chocolate with a minimum of 70% cocoa solids or milk chocolate with at least 30% cocoa solids.
  • To avoid the depressed or stressed-out binge, eat small servings twice or more a week.
  • Eat dark chocolate – it’s better for you.
  • Don’t keep boxes of irresistible food at your house. Go out and buy the quantity you wish to eat that day. If you don’t have more on hand you can’t eat it.
  • If you are taking from a larger container (i.e. ice cream), decide how much is reasonable and enjoy it. Don’t go back for seconds.

Enjoy fruit – with summer coming there are lots of super sweet options:

  • Avoid desserts that are super sweet. Highly sugared foods make us crave more sugar, which is why dark chocolate is a good option.
  • Eat your dessert without other distractions. Turn the TV off, or put down the magazine. Pay attention to what you’re eating and ENJOY it. You are allowed to live, and your overall food intake will be better for it
  • Eat your dessert without other distractions. Turn the TV off, or put down the magazine. Pay attention to what you’re eating and ENJOY it. You are allowed to live, and your overall food intake will be better for it

Plan, Healthy

Plan, Healthy!

Plan, Healthy!

You are the model, look after yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people eat, but it matters what you eat. I know we are all busy. And I’m not saying you need to plan gourmet meals or even weigh out everything you eat. Who has the time or interest in that? But you do need to plan for how you are going to make sure you get the best food into you.

Make a list of groceries that you need from the store each week.If you are still living at home, make sure your mom or dad knows what you’d like to eat, and make sure those things are available, so that you aren’t tempted by other less ideal foods. Plan for your lunch and snacks and bring food with you wherever you go. You know how shoots can go, maybe you will get a chance to stop for food, maybe you won’t. You may not even get a choice of what is offered for lunch that day. Don’t leave your food options to other people.

Always bring something so that you are prepared, no matter what, as I mentioned, apples, almonds, energy bars and even yogurt are very portable. Make sure you take care of yourself. Follow these guidelines and your body will burn fuel efficiently, you’ll feel good and you’ll look even better.

There are many other things that are important in creating and maintaining your optimum physique. Some of these include exercise, metabolic rate, keeping stress in check and sleep. I will touch on more of those topics in future articles.

Top Model Protein Choices:

  • Chicken breast
  • Fish
  • Beef: best cuts are eye round steak, top round steak, top sirloin steak and flank steak. Trim the excess fat before cooking.
  • Eat dark chocolate – it’s better for you.
  • Eggs
  • Pork
  • Chick peas or other lentils
  • Edamame
  • Yogurt (low fat & no or low sugar)
  • Nuts (be aware of serving size). Almonds are your best option
  • Low fat cheese (this is a higher fat option but it does have protein)



Why is exercise important

Yes, you know it’s important, just like you know getting your calcium is important… but why is it particularly important for you as a young woman and a model? And how do you decide what is the best exercise program for you??

Here’s the scoop. Exercising does a number of things:

  • Burns calories, so you will look great and can eat more (who likes to eat like a rabbit anyway?) increases blood flow so you will look more vibrant and healthy. gets the fat molecules in your system moving around so they can be metabolized and broken down so you don’t store them! tones your muscles so you look better and you burn more fat – the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn day to day. elevates your mood and increases energy helps you keep your eating in check – when you feel better about your body, you eat better.
  • Different models have different approaches to diet and exercise. And different approaches are valid for different individuals. However, there are some truisms that are common to the female population.
  • The only way to maintain a slim figure is by eating an amount of food in direct proportion to what your body can burn off. If you eat more calories than your burn, you will gain weight. In order to lose weight, you must burn more than you eat.
  • Females need around 1900 calories a day to maintain their weight comfortably. If you drastically reduce the amount you eat, you’re in danger of slowing your metabolic rate. But if you increase your activity rate, you will be burning unwanted calories, you’ll look better, and you’ll get the benefits mentioned above.
  • To burn one pound of fat, you must burn 3500 calories. That’s six hours of running (at 600 calories and hour), or seven hours of biking (at 500 calories an hour) or eight to nine hours of fast walking (at 450 calories an hour)
  • If you had a chocolate bar every day beyond your body’s calorie requirement, you would gain about 33 pounds of fat within one year. However if you walked fast for an hour a day, you could lose 52 pounds in a year.
  • It’s simple, if you like to eat and you don’t exercise, you will gain weight.

Another reality check.

  • Yes some people are genetically gifted, and if you are a model or are contemplating getting into modelling, you are probably more gifted than many. However most of us can’t get away with not exercising – especially if we want to look great and be competitive in the modelling market. Let’s face it, its tough out there and you need to look and feel fabulous.

How much is enough?

  • Well this depends on your lifestyle and the type of shape you are in currently. How much you burn depends on how much you move your body and how much muscle mass you have.
  • Muscles work harder to maintain their status, so they burn more calories than non-muscle tissue. This is one reason why men can eat more than women, even if they are sedentary – because they have more muscle mass. One pound of muscle burns approx 25 times more calories than a pound of fat. So a more muscular woman burns more calories than a sedentary, unfit woman.
  • If you have an active job and move around a lot during the day you will need to do less exercise than someone who is in school or has an office job. And if you like to go clubbing and dancing at night (without drinking of course) you can do less than someone who is stuck to their couch. Also remember: being on set, getting makeup done, doing try-ons etc, does not burn a lot of calories. Only if you are doing physically demanding poses can you count modelling as an active process.
  • For an optimum body, you need to do cardio and strength training.