Chinoy Henry

Chinoy Henry a former International model who started out within the modelling industry in Jamaica at the tender age of 15 yrs doing fashion shows within a small model agency that “short changed” me as many small agencies here in Jamaica do. I then went on to working with Saints International where I gained a good amount of experience. Upon realizing my talent I furthered my talents in America, where I did a freelancing such as attending, casting calls, fashion shows etc for different designers/agencies.I then visited the top agencies such as: elite model agency, Ford Models, Willimenia Model Agency, New York Models etc. Therefore with all agencies coming on board wanting to sign me the negotiation started in order to get the best contracting deal.

Ford models were the one with the best deal. However they had one request where I was required to lose two inches off my hips, I then began to train very hard by jogging every day at least for two hours with no result I came back to Jamaica where I found out I was pregnant there goes my model career.

With all my experience my aim was to not only create a model agency but also to build young ladies like myself and younger to aim for the stars and to have confidence within themselves, however within this agency young ladies are required to represent the agency at all times as regards to respecting themselves  in all places.

A contract is then issued to each girl which lasts a year model meets are held at pier one every week ,where each girls will be advised as to upcoming events functions and  taught how to walk how to conduct them-selves in public and etiquette training. Within this agency we do tons of photo shoots, makeup lessons, car shows, hair shows, car washes, party promotions, casting calls, commercials, music videos and also fashion shows…