So you would like to be a IKR Model

First of all find out what type of model you are?what type a model you would like to  be?Petite model   : 5 ft 4″ – 5 ft 7 1/2″ Runway Model :5 ft 8″- 6 ft

Promo Model : 5 ft 4 – 6 ft Curvy body, must be able to dance,145lbs maximum.

Modeling is not all about being beautiful or having the right height all by itself.  We strongly belive it goes hand in hand with personality!!! which is a huge part of keeping our clientele. Here at Ikr models we are known to have very sophisticated and intelligent models who respects and understands the role the play at all times.

However with that being said our company requires the full package which our tagline states: BEAUTY, CLASS, SOPHISTICATION AND STYLE .

Do you have what it takes to keep a audience entertained? or is it just that you like to be the center of attention? Whether it be in a music video a commercial or just on stage.  Here is the opportunity to be apart of the most sophisticated model/promotional agency in Jamaica. IKRMODELS where you make money while having fun.

Our recruits are not just anyone. However we handpick our girls in order to maintain our sophisticated standards we are a growing company that seeks beautiful ambitious young ladies to be apart of our agency that trains twice weekly we like to think of Ikrmodels/promo agency as a “charm school”our girls are taught all the proper etiquettes such as how to dine, how to talk in public how to walk etc. Each girls upon signing our contract receives her own personalized business cards and a pamphlet of information.

Which includes topics such as :Reliability, how to prepare for a photoshoot,10 mistakes not to make,and the list goes on. yes this is our personal handbook that we use as our guidline our prices for our girls is not based on all our qualifications hence the market . we also have professionals who visits our training sessions weekly in different fields such as nutrition,makeup ,skin,hair care,fashion,promo,model etc .our girls receives a word each day by text in order to enhance there vocabulary ,at the end of each week we discuss all seven words and apply them to conversations.( English class ikr) if you think that is exciting you should check out our weekly dance classes yes our clients deserve the best as only the best is good enough.


text all info to 360-9928